Home furniture solution

Through the Slipar home, you can easily increase your product AR display interactive, can be used for early childhood education, multimedia books, and virtual display of home products
Support the display of virtual entities of products.
Support floor, tile and other commonly used home products online effect confirmation.
At the same time the product brochure with the slipar logo, can be displayed on the page are three-dimensional, also with the mobile virtual product brochures, virtual mobile display in the room to confirm the effect, the most intuitive user experience.

Slipar Home furniture solution work flow

1: scan the activation code of the corresponding product or brochure, and start loading the corresponding resources

2: after loading, scan the corresponding Slipar logo picture on the album, and display the product of 360 degrees or 3D animation.

SliparHome Sample.

  • 1: scan QR Active code.

Slipar floor AR simulation

Slipar AR furniture

Office furniture